Your Questions Answered

Many EU countries are ahead of the UK in re-opening local amenities and we recommend that you check your destination country for the latest advice on access to local amenities and quarantine regulations.

As per the UK Government's further announcement on the 3rd July 2020, please remember to check advice regarding the latest UK quarantine measures for travellers arriving into the UK:


From the 1st July 2020, some EU countries have introduced a mandatory Passenger Locator Form ( PLF ) which must be completed 48 hours prior to your arrival in the country, so please check the FCO advice for your country of travel which will provide full guidance instructions. The form must be completed for all members of the party travelling, otherwise you may be denied entry to the country.

Please remember to carry a copy of your booking and travel documentation with you, as you may be asked to produce this by local authorities.

  • Remember to pack masks or face covers & gloves, which will be required in public places & on public transport ( children under the age of 6 may be exempt, as may some travellers with asthma, or specific medical respiratory conditions ) If you are using public transport in London, TFL and some coach operators are issuing mask exemption cards for travellers within a listed group - details can be found on the following site link:
  • You must check both your airline and departure airport’s websites to clarify time required to complete new health check-in procedures and we recommend that you allow additonal time to compete any new processes. Most airports will give details of new precautions in their FAQ website information pages.
  • Most airlines now require that check-in be carried out online in advance and that boarding passes are printed off or downloaded onto phones – this is to allow additional time for navigating departures, new procedures and health checks around Coronavirus Covid-19 precautions
  • Before booking your baggage requirements, please review your preferred airline’s website to check if they have any restrictions on cabin and / or hold baggage.
  • All British residents travelling to Europe should ensure that they have taken out suitable travel insurance for the members of their party, especially if travellers have any medial considerations as some health-related treatment costs and medicines may not be covered (such as non-urgent treatments, ongoing medical treatments or medical repatriation.)
  • The UK is in a transition period under Brexit, during which UK registered EHIC cards will remain valid until the 31st December 2020. This card is issued free and application can be made via the EHIC website or by calling:  0300 330 1350.  These cards are offered as part of a mutual agreement between EU countries and entitle the holder to receive free or discounted medical treatment and advice from GP’s and state-run hospitals.  All UK residents over the age of 16 are eligible, excluding the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.  Children will need their own card, so should be declared as Dependants when Adults apply for their cards and these will be sent separately for each child.  It’s important to carry this card with you at all time to ensure that you have access to the covered treatments and you may still need to pay for standard charge treatments or medicines.


  • car hire vouchers must be presented for pre-booked cars
  • masks must be worn all times when in contact with car hire staff & social distancing will be in place
  • only the lead named driver on the voucher will be authorised to enter the car hire office to complete the hire contract
  • any local payments must be made by card only
  • hire cars will be cleaned between each rental, by the supplier


  • transfer vouchers must be presented for pre-booked transfers
  • masks must be worn all times when in the transfer vehicle & socially distanced queuing will be in place
  • passengers will not be permitted to sit in the front seat of the vehicle with the driver, who will be masked
  • only a limited number of passengers will be permitted in vehicles
  • transfer vehicles will be cleaned between each rental, please ask the driver

Taxis & Public Transport

  • masks must be worn all times when in vehicles. Socially distanced queuing will be in place
  • passengers will not be permitted to sit in the front seat of the vehicle with the driver, who will be masked
  • only a limited number of passengers will be permitted in vehicles and on some public transport
  • payment by card may be preferred, so it’s advisable to carry both cards and cash when using taxis and public transport
  • taxis will be cleaned between each rental, please ask the driver
  • if you are using public transport, it will be mandatory to wear masks or face covers and you could incur a fine if you fail to do this. Public transport may be operating some restricted timings and passenger capacity volumes

PLEASE NOTE: Some countries are imposing limits on the number of passengers in taxis and transfer vehicles – as general guidance, these are the most common rules currently in place, but there will be variations between countries:

4/5 seater - 1 or 2 passengers ( where 1 passenger needs assistance ) + driver

6/7 seater - 2 or 3 passengers + driver

8/9 seater - 3 or 4 passengers + driver

  • On-board catering services may be limited or withdrawn for the foreseeable future - it may be possible to pre-book meals, please check your airline and contact the airline direct, if you have medical, dietary or religious requirements
  • Please review the airline’s website for full details of restricted services

Please check your Departure and Arrival airports, to ensure you are aware of their social distancing and check-in processes around Coronavirus Covid-19

  • masks will be mandatory at all airports, both in the UK and in overseas airports, so please ensure that your party wear these as per the guidance in place and have sufficient masks for your holiday and travel journeys ( children under the age of 6 may be exempt, as will some travellers with specific medical respiratory conditions )
  • Strict social distancing will be in place and many airports have implemented body temperature checks / thermal scanning and visual health assessments, so you will need to allow longer to go through the airport check-in processes
  • Some countries will also require you to provide the following inforrmation: Provide contact information and any history of exposure to COVID-19. Any traveller who presents symptoms, or fails one of the above requirements is likely to be seen by a health professional.
  • If you would like to share a villa on holiday with another household, this is allowed. There are currently no restrictions against this in villa rented properties
  • If you have an early flight arrival and wish to deposit baggage at the villa, you must call the local office first to ask if this is possible to arrange.  Only 1 member of the party can drop baggage, if the servicing teams are in the process of cleaning the villa and grounds.  No early guest check-ins will be possible during 2020
  • Extensive villa cleaning will be carried out between each new guest rental period
  • Welcome visits – if you have any questions on arrival, please call our local team, who will advise you of the process.
  • No mid-week cleaning will be carried out during 2020, unless pre-arranged with the resort team who will advise if guests will need to vacate the villa whilst this is carried out.  Guests must pack nappies or sanitary products separately and all rubbish must be taken to the outside bins promptly. Cleaning materials will be supplied in villas, which can be used by guests.
  • Pool cleaning is typically carried out very early morning and we ask that you allow the pool technician to finish fully servicing the pool before using the pool, garden or terraced areas
  • Gardening will be carried out during your stay, please refrain from using the garden until this is completed
  • Please don’t place used bath or hand towels on the floor, please use a waste bag to put these in

  • If you have a pre-booked a welcome visit, we will contact you in advance to arrange this, as it is likely to be held via skype or an alternative App service
  • If you experience maintenance or appliance issues, please call our local team or Villa Co-ordinator, who will arrange to attend the property with a technician at a mutually convenient time.  Our resort staff and technicians will wear masks and will practice social distancing measures. We ask that only one member of your party meets them and also wears a mask or face cover
  • Supermarkets / mini-markets – some countries will require consumers to wear masks and gloves to enter supermarkets and shops and entry will be denied upon failure to comply.  There will be a limited number of customers permitted in a store at any one time. Between 08:00 – 10:00 some stores may only permit elderly or vulnerable customers. Social distancing will apply at all times
  • Restaurants and Bars – many restaurants will operate on limited occupancy to allow for social distancing, it is therefore recommended to make a reservation in advance.  Compulsory use of masks will be required for take-away services.  Card payment is preferred
  • Beaches – some beaches may be operating restricted opening hours initially.  Social distancing will be in place for all beaches with distancing in place for users who are not part of the same group.  3m spacing between parasols may be in place and there may be timing and number restrictions on parasol rentals.  Not all beaches will have sun beds and umbrellas set up, alternatives can be purchased in most shops in tourist resorts. No sports activities with 2 or more people, such as ball or racket games are currently permitted.  (except nautical activities, surf lessons and similar sports.)  Some countries have implemented a traffic light system on beaches to indicate occupancy levels:  Green;  low occupancy / Yellow – high occupancy / Red – Full
  • Banks, post office, retail shops, local attractions, cultural properties, theatres, cinemas, parks and zoos – Some may be operating limited hours - specific restrictions will be advised by the venue,  masks will be mandatory and visitor numbers may be limited at times
  • Medical services – GP’s / Hospitals / Pharmacies  – in the majority of countries, only 2 persons per consultation ( or 1 adult with 1 child ) will be permitted. Masks or face covers MUST be worn.  Travellers with existing underlying medical conditions should always carry their medical history and details of any prescribed medication, in case of hospitalisation, or treatment whilst on holiday.   If travellers suspect they may have symptoms of Coronavirus ( i.e. fever, difficulty breathing, a persistent cough ) please call your local resort Villa Co-ordinator or local office, as they will advise the right health facility or number to call. This will also protect you and prevent the possible spread of virus or infection to others.